Your new time has come!
5 days that will change your life forever!
The Fourth Dimension Summit is a step into
a new life in partnership with God.
Your thinking needs reformation! Learn to change your thinking!
Through The Fourth Dimension, you will learn to reach the depths of your
subconscious to become who you want to be, get rid of barriers and limitations in your head, and change your thinking.
Achieving goals and fulfilling desires. At the summit you will receive step-by-step instructions on how to achieve the impossible with God.
All your dreams and goals can become reality and you will truly become the master of your life thanks to the teachings of the Fourth Dimension.
Life Changing Prayer. God wants to renew all areas of your life and restore faith in miracles during the Fourth Dimension Summit.
The prayer for healing from illnesses, healing the soul and breaking curses awaits you, according to which God wants to bring changes in the areas of health, soul, family, and finances. Whatever your problem IS, God has an answer for you.
Register to become a participant in the Fourth Dimension Summit online from anywhere in the world.
An online conference will be held on Zoom from July 3-7. Vladimir and Victoria Muntian will share teachings about the Fourth Dimension,
how to change your thinking and life. They will also pray for healing and breaking curses.
You'll receive weekly video and text lessons to change your thinking.
At the Fourth Dimension summit you will see changes in yourself and everything that surrounds you will change.
Do you want to become the owner and builder of your life?
Новое мышление - новая жизнь
На саммите "Четвертое измерение" вы узнаете, как реформировать свое мышление и с помощью простой и доступной технологии достигать желаемых результатов в разных сферах вашей жизни.
2 stage
1 stage
Study the materials for preparation
Online meeting with summit participants
Feedback from participants of past summits
Tatjana Pissarenko
Ihr wuchs ein neues Organ! Durch die vierte Dimension.
Alisa Wins
Changes in family relationships.
Timur Shambazov
Healing tuberculosis
Florina Poerio
Kann ohne Gehhilfe gehen.
Speakers of the Fourth Dimension Summit
Vladimir Muntian - TVevangelist, philanthropist, book author, founder of the Fourth Dimension Summit. "Today in my life I have absolutely everything I want. And, moreover, there is something that I was once afraid to even dream about. Before 2004, my life was like running in a vicious circle: I made great efforts, worked all day, but nothing changed. Everything changed in one moment: when I received a revelation about the existence of the fourth dimension.

By entering it, I acquired a new destiny.
I personally expect something special from the Fourth Dimension Summit in 2024.
This summit will be a summit of new depth, where you will discover how to master your circumstances. Everything that has been in your head all your life will all be reformed.
This teaching will turn a sick person into a healthy one, out of a poor person into a prosperous one, out of a person who simply exists, one who lives a happy life."
Victoria is a TVevangelist, books author, a person who delves deeply into the sphere of the soul, an expert on family relationships, and regularly conducts conferences and seminars for women.

"I am a person who delves deeply into the topic of the spiritual sphere. The spiritual sphere is very important, because spiritual life and even lasting health depend on the state of the soul. For me, the most important point in spiritual growth is maintaining peace in the soul."
Vladimir Muntian
First online lesson for preparation is a free gift.
Preparatory lesson for the Fourth Dimension Summit
July 2024 // places are limited
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