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Если в твою жизнь пришли тяжёлые времена и ты не знаешь, что делать дальше - пиши нам и получи консультацию и молитву от наших служителей. Каждая молитвенная нужда передаётся лично Апостолу Владимиру и Виктории Мунтян.

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Dear Lord, please heal my soul. May the blood of Jesus Christ wash my soul, and may Your power move through me. May my soul be renewed by the power of the Holy Spirit!
Vladimir Muntian
Live broadcast of the World Revival Mission satellite channel
Plus a video archive of Apostle Vladimir and Victoria's teachings. Many playlists included
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Apostle Vladimir and Victoria Muntian's ministry is actively growing and spreading. Today God wants the Gospel to be spread in all countries and continents. It means that we are facing a lot of work that involves translating the Word of God, sermons and teachings into all languages. We live in the 21st century, which is the era of information technologies, so our top priority is filling up the Internet with the truth that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world.
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Partnership with God
Who are partners? Partners are people who share our Heavenly Father's goal to preach the Gospel all over the world.
Apostle Vladimir - Founder of the International World Revival Mission.

Speaker and founder of the "Fourth Dimension" training course. The course focuses on renewing the mind and changing the unconscious.

Founder of the biggest Christian college called "Mount of Moses." Tens of thousands of people from all over the world have attended the college..

Doctor of theology, world-wide motivational speaker.

Author of over 60 books and numerous sermons.

Producer, song writer and singer.

Philanthropist, who is actively involved in charity all over the world.

Victoria - World-wide minister, coach and preacher, who has spoken to thousands of people on the topic of healing the soul. Hundreds of changed destinies are the result of her teachings and prayers. People have experienced healing in their souls and bodies.

Author of the best-selling books "Healing of the Soul" and "Deep Mysteries of the Soul."

Founder of the international women's movement "Present-Day Deborahs" that has brought together women from all over the world.

The purpose of that movement is healing and restoration of people's souls.
Today Apostle Vladimir and Victoria Muntian minister to millions of people all over the world. They share a revelation from God about the power of the Holy Spirit that breaks curses, about the power of God's grace and about the secret of the fourth dimension. They believe that God has placed the pulpit of the Mission on the internet. Apostle Vladimir and Victoria Muntian hold TV crusades with prayer for healing and breaking curses via the internet.

There are two or more TV crusades conducted every week. Apostle Vladimir and his wife Victoria Muntian pray for people on the other side of the screen. Several times a year international summits called "The Fourth Dimension" are held. There is also the "Mount of Moses" college that brings together believers from over 120 countries of the world.

Hundreds of thousands of people have made it right with God. There are a lot of testimonies concerning healings from incurable diseases and broken curses. People's destinies have been changed; families have been
restored – all thanks to the ministry of
Apostle Vladimir and Victoria Muntian.

Vladimir and Victoria have recently celebrated their 32nd wedding anniversary. They have three children: Daniel, Arina and Viola.
Charity Fund
What are we involved in?
We provide medications for cancer centers
We offer monetary help to nurses in cancer wards
We deliver food packages to the poor and needy from all over the world
We help children from orphanages
We help children who have been diagnosed with cerebral palsy
We deliver food packages to elderly people monthly
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Prayer Request
Share your prayer request here. Apostle Vladimir and Pastor Victoria will pray for you.
Hi everyone, I am Lenara from Uzbekistan, and I am a partner. When the Apostle was praying and blessing everyone, I accepted that prayer and claimed that it was for me.
At that moment money started coming to my account from different sources. It was truly unexpected, as I had zero balance on my account. God knew how badly I needed money.
I thank the Apostle and Victoria, my spiritual parents.
Dinara Gankadyrova
I would like to testify how the Holy Spirit delivered me from offence through a prayer of Pastor Victoria. Five years ago my father died, so I stopped praying and couldn't let go of the situation. Basically, I was okay, but from time to time I would start thinking of Dad and wondering why it had happened.
But as Victoria was praying, God literally pulled that pain out of me. He showed me that now I have spiritual parents, the Apostle and Victoria. After that prayer, I felt grateful to Jesus. Amen.
Elena Mazur
I am thankful to God for the prayer of Apostle on November, 21. During the prayer I experienced strong presence of God. Generational curse of arthritis was broken. The joints in my hands were in pain. Now, there is no any pain.

When Apostle said the word of knowledge: new cells, new body, new vessels...
I was accepting those words in my life.

Today, I was listening to that prayer again. And the Holy Spirit touched me even with stronger power. I got the assurance from Him, that it was His word to me. I thank the Holy Spirit for His grace in my life and for my precious spiritual parents, Apostle Vladimir and Pastor Victoria. Thank you for your dedication, ministry, faithfulness and love!!
Alyona Polyakova
I'd like to share my testimony. Yesterday, when pastor Victoria was praying, she asked us to think about the most important thing for us. First, I had many thoughts in my mind. There were a lot of desires, needs that tried to occupy the first place, but I experienced a word inside "One thing I ask from the Lord..." Psalm 27:4

And I immediately got peace and fullness into my heart and love for Jesus. It is better to have nothing, but to be with Him, than to have everything without Him, or to move Him to the second place. I praise God for pastor Victoria, that He reveals His loving heart through her.
Irina Kornienko
Yesterday i received deliverance from the spirit of loneliness at the prayer, an unreal cry broke out of my chest , it was generational spirit that my father and me had.
There were tears and cry, and wild laughter. Even today during my morning prayer, when i began to thank for freedom, there was deliverance again, the spirit of rejection left me. Glory to God Almighty. Thank you Victoria!
Marina Birukova
I thank my heavenly Father for the fact that 2 years ago , on the same day, he open for me a video of an unknown person, whose words turned my life upside down. It was Pastor Vladimir.
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